About MeSimple

about-us-sandmgMany of us have bought into the idea that “more is better,” dedicating years of our lives and making sacrifices to achieve a certain level of income, lifestyle, and status. But along the way, we’ve surrounded ourselves with stuff that clutters our outlook on true fulfillment.

MeSimple celebrates extraordinary examples of lives fulfilled by stepping off the obvious path, by seeking simpler living and a deeper connection with nature. At MeSimple, we know from experience that, while the concepts may seem simple, real change can be extremely complex. That’s why we’re not preaching a definitive approach to the ‘right’ level of simplification or the ‘optimal’ amount of time in nature. We’re not prescribing a level of commitment. Rather, we’re providing examples, alternatives and insights from people who have embarked their own unique journeys toward more fulfilling, enriched lives.

In the stories we’ll collect here, we hope you will recognize a way forward. Take what you find useful; apply it in ways that works for you. Come back for more when you want. For further exploration, our MeSimple Learning Series offers intimate opportunities to experience extraordinarily fulfilled people talking about how they discovered a way to health and happiness.


“MeSimple serves as a bridge between those who have discovered enrichment through simpler living and more natural connection and those who want to—no matter what stage of interest they’re in. We hope you’ll join us for a remarkable exploration of greater fulfillment, creativity and health.” – Scott Edwards; Founder of MeSimple