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Follow the journeys of Scott and others as they share their personal stories, challenges, and insights into simplification and a deeper connection with nature.
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Aristotle on Nature

We had eaten snake, squirrel and pack-rat stew for dinner the previous night. Watching Dave slither between submerged willow roots and the creek’s sandy bottom, I had high hopes that we would have something a little more mainstream, such as fish, for lunch. In my half-starved, conserve-energy state-of-mind…

Sizzle and Rapture

I was speaking with a Hollywood film director several weeks ago, and he said that Me Simple unfolds too slowly, that it needs a hook, a catch phrase that sizzles, and a killer elevator pitch. He is a smart, successful man. He knows how to entertain people; but his movies, or any other movies, don’t leave me with “the rapture of being alive.”

Bowhunting 101

When training to venture out into the wilderness for three months and survive alone with only some basic tools, learning the skills of hunting and gathering are imperative. In this segment, Scott discusses his training and how hunting serves as a spiritual connection with the land and an exercise in gratitude.

Enlightened Nourishment

When you think of hunting, what comes to mind? For some Americans, hunting season means camouflage, guns, bows, and time in the woods with buddies. For others, the idea of killing an animal—for sport or food—makes them cringe. In contrast to these common perceptions, I’m learning how to hunt because I want to explore the spiritual aspects...

Moving Out; Moving On

Scott says goodbye to his 4,800-square-foot home of 13 years as he plans to downsize and share resources and a roof with his mother. In this segment, Scott discusses how he and his family handled the difficult yet liberating transition as well as how this change affects the next steps in his journey towards simplification.

Simple is Hard

Getting simple is the hardest thing I’ve ever done. While selling our family’s 4,800-square-foot home of thirteen years gave me the much-wanted freedom to downsize and simplify my living space, this exciting next step in my journey came with its own set of difficulties. Our family moved from California…

Do I Really Need It?

Lawn. Dining room. Cupboards. Are they really necessary? These are all things many take for granted in their home. In this segment, Scott weighs the benefits of common suburban fixtures against the time and space it takes to maintain them and hopes to answer the question, “do I need (or even want) a white picket fence.”

White Picket Fence

Moving from one home to another often gives us the opportunity to reflect, to replay our memories as we pack up our things and prepare for the next steps. The last two moves I have made were significant in my journey to simplification and greater connection with nature. It all started one day while I was driving with a business associate…

Scott's Journey

Scott Edwards founded Me Simple to showcase stories from everyday people who have become extraordinary examples of fulfilled lives. Learn how he got started and why he hopes Me Simple will become a valuable resource for people seeking proven paths to simplicity, gratitude, and a deep connection with nature.