Simple is Hard

Simple Is HardSimple is Hard

Getting simple is the hardest thing I’ve ever done. While selling our family’s 4,800-square-foot home of thirteen years gave me the much-wanted freedom to downsize and simplify my living space, this exciting next step in my journey came with its own set of difficulties.

Our family moved from California into our home in Niwot, Colorado when I realized the importance of being in a place where we would have easy access to nature. This was the home where my kids grew up and many family memories were made. Leaving it for a simpler arrangement proved to be both rewarding and emotionally complex.

Communicating change is very difficult. Coming from a background as an entrepreneur, husband, and father, I am now experimenting with paths to simplification, gratitude, and connection with nature. Explaining these changes to former business associates was one thing; explaining it to my family as their living situation changed was another.

As a parent, I have used my own life changes and the process of moving out of our home in Niwot to demonstrate to the kids that there is more than one way to live well. Initially, this milestone in our family’s journey was easier for some than others. For some of the kids, letting go of sentimental keepsakes and moving out of their home in Niwot was fine, while for my youngest, Jenna, leaving the only house she’d ever known was a bit more difficult at first.

Following the move, the kids seem to have had a bit of an awakening as they’ve watched me explore different ways that people live while meaningfully connecting with nature. Being exposed to the lifestyles and philosophies we highlight in Me Simple, they have become more drawn to the outdoors than they may have otherwise and have gained perspective on alternative paths to living.

Despite the emotional gravity for both me and the kids of leaving this home, I am eagerly preparing to move forward in my exploration of simple living. Today, I am enjoying the efficiency and connection of sharing resources and a roof with my mom in Boulder, Colorado, freeing myself to continue exploring a more nature-integrated life and providing the traditional comforts of a suburban home for the kids.

Are You Simple?

Or simply curious? Changes of all kinds demand courage and stamina, and we need to be exposed to alternative ways of thinking about how we live—and how we could live—in order to uncover our own truth. More of us must vulnerably share our experiences and gratitude so that others may be inspired.

Has someone inspired you? MeSimple is looking for stories of pioneering people living simpler lives that are meaningfully integrated with nature. Help build the wealth of a connected world and a let us know if you have content to share, introductions you’d like to make, or resources worth spotlighting.

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