Seven Paths to Simplicity

Seven Paths to Simplicity and Nature

Have you had a resonating conversation with friends about uncomplicating everything in your life?

Even though everything is great, things are too busy? Too frantic? Too…much?

On April 25, that conversation expands into a day of creative ideas shared by many like-minded thinkers both presenting….and attending an amazing event.

Stage Image for Website 2 “Awakening in a world surrounded by gadgets that were supposed to make life easier, I realized that owning more things increased complexity and distanced me from authentic connections with family and friends as well as a healthy connection to nature,” explains Scott Edwards, founder of MeSimple. “These days, a tiny house symbolizes a popular return to simplicity, but we still need to get outside. There is no substitute for time outside and how it reorients us back to overall health.”

Scott didn’t realize “simplicity would be so challenging” until he embarked on a different pace of life while developing his own stronger connection to nature and encouraging his children to do the same. When he explained his lifestyle change to friends and colleagues, their conversations revealed a similar disenchantment. Scott developed as a way to collect, build, and archive stories from a variety of like-minded individuals inspired by their own lifestyle shift to simplicity. Many of them are professionals who achieved success from a conventional viewpoint, questioned it, and then chose a simpler, more creative journey including a reconnection to nature.

The day will feature TV host and international adventurer, Ryan Van Duzer, as the emcee. Growing up in Boulder, Ryan has a yen for travel, adventure, and a connection with the natural world. His grounded energy and passion to inspire will enable him to guide participants on a daylong journey about self, nature and getting back to simplicity.

While recognizing there is no single path, event speakers share a mission – providing a roadmap for individuals to integrate modern life with a reconnection to nature and simplicity. For this inaugural event on April 25, Scott hand-picked Colin Wright Speaking for Websiteseven thought leaders from a variety of backgrounds to present their engaging journeys, including a Grammy- and Emmy-nominated pianist, a Silicon Valley tech entrepreneur-turned-poet, an eco-psychologist, two primitive survival educators, and two writers who will share the eTown Hall stage on 1535 Spruce St. in Boulder. Each of these individuals has undergone a unique and remarkable exploration of reconnecting to nature and living simply. The goal? Greater fulfillment, deeper relationships, increased creativity, and health. Tickets are available for $125 through March 31 and $150 starting April 1.



Philip Aaberg, Grammy- and Emmy-nominated pianist, performing and presenting The Effects of the Great Wide Open on Music and Inspiration

Colin Wright, a writer living a crowd-sourced life documented in his popular blog, Exile Lifestyle, presenting Simple Steps to Creating a Unique Approach to Money, Travel, and Career

Robin Blankenship, founder of the Earth Knack (based in Colorado’s San Luis Valley) and teacher of outdoor education and primitive living skills, presenting Making Nature and Simplicity Work for You

Kris Abrams, a Rhodes Scholar and ecopsychologist based in Boulder, presenting How Nature Sparks Healing and Rejuvenates Life

Ushi Patel, CEO of Everstrong and Silicon Valley tech-entrepreneur-turned poet, presenting Natural Transformations

Kirsten Reichnitz, an advanced instructor at Utah’s Boulder Outdoor Survival School and cast member on the Discovery Channel series Capture, presenting What Wilderness Reveals About Freedom

David Romtvedt, Wyoming-based poet/novelist and member of the Iowa Writer’s Workshop, in a keynote presentation on Simplification: Choosing Time Over Money; People Over Things; Sky Over Ceilings

Ignite your own path back to nature, and refresh your life, starting April 25. We look forward to meeting you there!